Theological Education at A Distance

Ramah Bible College has a vision to make sound theological education with a pentecostal ethos accessible to prospective students anywhere in the world. There are many people who desire an in depth study of the word of God,but cannot attend lectures at a physical location, either because their work schedule does not make that option feasible or they do not reside in London,where the college is located.

These  potential students can enroll and pay their enrollment fees online and access course materials on this website after their candidacy status has been approved and student files opened for them in the administration department.


Profile of Founder


Dr Richard Oswald Commey (B.Eng, MIET, BA, MBs, PhD)

Dr. Commey was born in 1960 into a middle class family in Ghana. His parents were religious, and as such they attended church regularly, but he did not know the Lord in any meaningful way. He had an encounter with the risen Lord at the age of fifteen when he was caught up to heaven. He saw the glory of heaven and spoke to Jesus. He realised after this vision that there was a special call on his life. He gave his life to Christ fully in 1980. As soon as he received the baptism of the Holy Spirit on Christmas day of the same year, he began to experience remarkable manifestations of the revelation gifts.


Prospective Students

A student will qualify to graduate with Certificate in Bible and Theology after passing fourteen courses or 42 credits at grade E or above. The duration at this level is roughly two years as a part time student, one year as a full time student, and a variable duration as a distance learning student.

All outstanding fees must be settled before a student is cleared for graduation. A student will qualify to graduate with Diploma in Bible and Theology after passing twenty-two courses or 66 credits at grade E or above.